Julian Block is a nationally recognized attorney who has been singled out by The New York Times as a “leading tax professional” and by The Wall Street Journal as “an accomplished writer on taxes.”

Major media outlets have widely praised his books:

One of the best personal-finance books…a handy general treatment of personal income taxes…clearly written and both wide and deep in its coverage.
~ Money

One of the best tax books, an excellent source of information… writes in such a lively clear style that a reader might never guess that he is a tax lawyer.
~ New York Times

Easily the best guide available.
~ Forbes

Provides more depth than most other books.
~ Wall Street Journal

“The clearest and most readable.” — New Choices
“Written for the consumer, but the professional planner will also find it to be a good reference tool…whether you read it from cover to cover, or use it as a reference source (we recommend both), you will reach for it often.” — Tax Management Financial Planning
“Mr. Block has done a great favor for those of us who can more easily afford the cost of this book than a full-time staff of accountants. He has prepared a guide to reviewing taxes as a manageable investment, instead of an unconquerable burden.” — American Association of Individual Investors Journal
“Reading about taxes can be almost as unpleasant as paying them, but this book is an exception in a highly competitive field…all the earmarks of a well-researched and well-written book.” — Library Journal
“A triumph of simplicity that tackles the complex world of taxes and communicates to readers in clear, everyday language.” — National Association of Enrolled Agents
“Through ample use of examples and anecdotes, he entices readers to follow handy do-it-yourself steps to tax liberation…the equivalent of Michelin’s guide to respectable tax avoidance.” — The Financial Planner
“A valuable book that can guide accountants through the tangled web of tax law.” — National Society of Accountants
“A worthwhile publication for those concerned with minimizing their tax burden.” — American Council On Consumer Interests
“A rare talent for unraveling the bureaucratic inspired complications of our annual tax maze.” — Greenwich Time
“Helpful for just about everyone.” — Newark Star Ledger
“Indispensable guide to the thickets of tax law.” — Elks Journal
“A book for the here and now that is about as clear an explanation of tax laws as could be presented.” — Litchfield County Times
“Unlike most tax books, this one is written with a lively sense of humor – and it can save you money!” — Travelwriter Marketletter
“A potpourri of information… covers all the bases on tax planning … language is easy to understand and the examples are plentiful.” — New York Daily News
“There are a lot of tax guides around, but the best one to come along in a generation is by tax authority Julian Block.” — TWA Ambassador
“Makes the complex easy to understand.” — Book View

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